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In Summary: 

#1 raise $ for CFF

#2 promote an active lifestyle

#3 have fun


We are a nonprofit event organized through Grand Haven High School's Student Senate. All of our committee members are volunteers, and we strive to do much more than raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation... The CFF helps save and extend the lives of those with CF like Katriona VanDoorne, a 2015 Grand Haven High School graduate. Watch Katriona's video, "A Day In the Life" below to see what life with CF is like! 


We hope this color run gets the Grand Haven community on its feet! We know running isn't for everyone, which is why we encourage you to walk, hop, skip, or jog your way to the finish line. We do not time the race, but you must cross the finish line with a smile. If running is your forte, you are welcome to time yourself!


The CF5K Color Run is a win-win. You get exercise (in the most fun way possible) while donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and raising awareness.. What's not to like? :)


We hope you can join us for the most exciting 5k Grand Haven has to offer!

Below we have a testimony from a student at the high school who lives with Cystic Fibrosis. 

Yes, living with a chronic disease and knowing at any minute my ticking time bomb could go off, is rough. Everyday, I do the best that I can to remember anything and everything that I am supposed to do. There are the days when I get up in the morning and don’t feel like doing anything, but then I remember that if I don’t do the treatments and take my medicine that I am supposed to, I can end up hurting myself in the long run. Which will also affect everyone that is in my life. There are 3 people in my life that are reasons that I keep striving and living my best life. The first is my Mom, she has been here with me through my disease, since i was diagnosed at 3. The second person in my life that means the most, is the boy that I’ve became friends with recently, which has only been 4 months,  but he’s been here for me through a lot. He encourages me to be myself, and not be afraid of telling life how it is. When I’m with him, I feel like I am living everyday as if it was my last, and I could have never asked for anyone better. Lastly, and most importantly, there’s a girl in my life who I can consider my sister, even if we actually aren’t. She’s helped me this year through my anxiety and depression, that relates to my Cystic FIbrosis. She’s not only one of the main reasons I strive to stay healthy, she is also my inspiration. If I had never met her, I believe that right now, I would have been in the hospital for the year of my sophomore year, because I was giving up on myself. She has helped me realize how important I am in people’s lives. Living with Cystic Fibrosis, may be hard, but if you live your life to it fullest, you’ll strive to do anything.


Kiara: Having a friend with CF isn’t as difficult as you may think, yeah they can’t do some of the stuff we can, but we always find a way around the problem so that we can still be together. Ashleigh is my best friend, and she has CF. This doesn’t stop me from seeing her as a normal person, her disease doesn’t stop me from being her friend. It’s who she is, not what she has. I believe it’s really brave of her for living with this disease, even though I may not know how it feels, I do know how it affects her. Everyday is blessing that she is here, because any minute she could be gone. I give her hugs everyday because you never know when it will be your last with the person, I try to listen to her because I wanna know how she is feeling. When ever Ash goes to the doctor I worry, what if there is something wrong, and if she has to stay there? These question will run through your head if you have a friend with CF. I would say the most difficult part of having a friend with CF is hearing the bad news, or hearing them say they didn’t do their treatments. I just hope she knows that I care for her, and I want her to keep doing what she's doing, even if it means she's doing it for the rest of her life. I love you Ash.



  Our Mission

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